The EarringMaster, from Delaware-based EarringMaster, Inc., meets the needs of earring lovers/collectors across the country. The sturdy plastic storage device is engineered with 3582 perforations to store an amazing number – 35 pairs or more — of pierced earrings. Posts, dangles, hoops, drops or latches – all fit on the convenient, easy-to-store and easy-to-travel-with holder.


EarringMaster is a real space-saver, hanging neatly away on a closet hang bar or can be displayed on a tabletop stand. For travel, a high gauge nylon travel bag is available, packing easily into a suitcase or carry-on bag. EarringMaster’s new, original and ornamental design was granted Patent No. D474,353 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


Company founder, Trinette Gist Skinner, created the device out of her own need to neatly and securely store multiple pairs of pierced earrings. “Back in the 80’s when I was twenty-something, I had more than 40 pairs of earrings that used to end up all over the house. I figured I’d just buy something to store them neatly. Well, I looked everywhere and all I found were those acrylic holders that could fit only small stud earrings.” Finally, Trinette decided to solve her storage woes herself. She purchased some items from a fabric store and with a wire coat hanger and safety pins managed to craft something that worked. “Although, it was quite unattractive, it held all my pierced earrings of all styles and sizes in one place,” she added.


A decade or so later, Trinette, with well over 100 pairs of earrings went shopping for a new holder, assuming by that point in time something to meet her needs was on the market. “I was wrong,” she notes. “Again, there was no suitable holder and I decided I’d try to come up with something, manufacture it and market it.”


Trinette began researching and developing ideas in 2000 and in March, 2003 launched Thus far, the company has enjoyed sales from 44 states, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, United Kingdom, Great Britain and Nigeria. EarringMaster expanded their line in June, 2003 to include a handy Tabletop Stand, and the Side Zip Travel Bag. They plan to add to the line once again with an EarringMaster fabricated to hold clip-on earrings.


EarringMaster and its accompanying accessories can be purchased separately or are available in a specially priced grouping. The EarringMaster Special Offer features two EarringMasters and a Tabletop Stand affordably priced under $15. EarringMaster itself retails for $14.99.

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