• Conveniently stores, safely protects & neatly displays pierced earrings.
  • Studs to shoulder length–posts, dangles, hoops, drops and latches–all fit like a breeze.
  • Never again dig through a mountain of earrings.
  • Compact and durable stowing neatly away.
  • Great for travel, have all your favorites wherever you may roam.


I received the EarringMaster!! It is maaaaarvelous! Thank you so much.

Janis – Stockton, CA


I am so psyched to get my product! I think you guys are doing a GREAT thing for us gals that love earrings, and have no place to put them all. Bless you.

Theresa – Hillsboro, OR


I am in love with your product. I travel a lot and it’s good for that, obviously. But, it’s also good for keeping things organized and out of the hands of my four year old.

Sheri – Tucson, AZ


The EarringMaster is just what it says, it’s the master of keeping my earrings together and in one place. I LOVE my EarringMaster. Thank You for this wonderful product!

Sandra – Oakland, CA




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